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Size: 30–45 cm

Weight: 9–15 kg

Coat: Can be anything from a fleecy, woolly, and wiry coat

Colour: Various

Lifespan: Approx. 16 years

Activity level: High

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes: intelligent, active, friendly.

‘Cockapoos’ or ‘spoodles’ are a cross between Cocker Spaniels and Poodles. They are the third most popular designed breed in Australia. They’re an affectionate and energetic breed who love being around children and adults. Originally lap dogs, spoodles have a warm, loving nature, and love affection.

Compatibility with …

Owners 4 (usually affectionate)

Children 3 (mostly playful)

Other pets 3 (mostly playful)

Strangers 3 (usually friendly)

Unfamiliar dogs 3 (usually friendly)

(Scale: 1 = caution – 5 = excellent)

Owner Profile

Families who can keep up with the spoodle’s high energy and those who enjoy a close bond with their dog.

Things to watch out for

Because of their love for their owners, they may not handle being separated for long periods of time.

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training, and supervised around children.