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Size 38–74 cm

Weight Up to 45 kg

Coat Can be anything from a fleecy or woolly coat, to a wiry coat

Colour All solid colours

Lifespan Approx. 16 years

Activity Level High

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes: intelligent, energetic, playful, affectionate.

Labradoodles are a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, giving owners an energetic yet placid companion. They are the second most popular ‘designer breed’ in Australia. These active dogs come in different sizes and coats, depending on the Poodle parent. Each dog, however, will keep its youthful look throughout his or her life.

Compatibility with …

Owners Usually affectionate 4

Children Mostly playful 4

Other Pets Mostly playful 4

Strangers Usually friendly 3

Unfamiliar Dogs Usually friendly 3

(Scale: 1 = caution – 5 = excellent)

Owner Profile

A high-energy family or owner with lots of time to play and train the dog. Labradoodles love owners who take active walks and keep their minds stimulated.

Things to watch out for

Boisterousness, they can get over excited at times, causing jumping and running around the house in random spurts.


Their thick, curly coat requires attention and care.

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training, and supervised around children