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Border Collie

Size:46 – 54 cm
Weight:14 – 22 Kg
Life Span:Approx. 12 – 14 years
Activity Level:Very Active
Country of Origin:United Kingdom
- PetSure Australia Claim Figures 2013, payment subject to benefit percentage

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes – loyal, courageous and active.

Border Collies are renowned worldwide for being active, quick and full of stamina. From an early age, they may enjoy chasing so it is a good idea to play with toys and channel this energy into fun activities. They are known to form close bonds with owners and enjoy loving homes with a passion for exercise.

Compatibility with: (Scale: 1 - caution to 5 - excellent)

  • Owners 5
  • Children 3
  • Other Pets 3
  • Strangers 2
  • Unfamiliar Dogs 4


Exercise Requirments: Lots of games and daily walks are recommended.

Coat: The Border Collie is known to have a smooth, medium length coat, however, it can also have short and long hair.

Coat Color: Black and white is the most common, however, often they can have black/tan/white, red and white and blue and white.

Pay attention: It is good practice to socialise with strangers at a very early age, also be conscious that the Border Collie’s coat can get dirty if playing / walking outside. If your dog has long hair it will require regular brushing.

Health & Wellbeing

Common health concerns: Eye problems, deafness, epilepsy, diabetes.

High Pet Claim Example:$9117.90 POLYNEUROPATHY - Nerve Disorder
Most common insurance claim:Diabetes mellitus
Average insurance claim amount: (excl. routine)$116.06

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training and supervised around children