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How to make a claim

Option 1 – Online claiming

For existing members please login and submit your claim via the following steps:

If you are a new member please sign up to manage your policy online.

Option 2 – Paper claiming

If you would prefer to send us your claim through the post, please ensure you have completed the following steps:

What's covered

What is covered in all plans?^

Specified Accidental injuries and illnesses
Tick paralysis
Cancer treatment
Skin conditions
Hereditary and congenital conditions
Emergency boarding
Eye and ear conditions
Cruciate ligament conditions (6 month waiting period applies but may be waived on application)
Essential euthanasia
Pet overseas travel insurance (New Zealand and the Norfolk Islands only)


Certain pre-existing conditions
Dental procedures
Behavioural problems
Elective treatments and procedures
Food and diets
Pet accessories

For a full list of all exclusions, please refer to the relevant Policy Booklet.

^ Pre-existing conditions and certain illnesses are excluded. Terms, conditions, exclusions, benefit limits, sub-limits and annual condition limits may apply.

Routine Care Cover (optional extra)

You can choose to add our optional Routine Care Cover to either the RSPCA Ultimate or RSPCA Ultimate Plus Cover, and claim for benefits such as;

  • Heartworm test or blood screen - $15 a year
  • FeLV/FIV test or urinalysis - $15 a year

Plus, a $50 annual benefit for any one of these routine treatments:

  • De-sexing and Micro-chipping
  • Heartworm preventative medication
  • Teeth cleaning
  • Vaccinations
  • Council registration fees
  • Prescription diets
  • Alternative therapies

Claim Statistics from July 2021 to June 2022

513,025 RSPCA Pet Insurance Claims were processed

Over $86.8 million in benefits were paid

96.48% of claims were processed within 5 days

Common Accident and Illness Claims*

Accident or illnessAverage Claim Amount
FY 2019
Highest Claim Amount
Multiple fractures$2,066.31$13,902.30
Tick paralysis$1,156.87$5,293.57
Snake bite$2,133.31$20,147.09
Ear infection$883.38$14,271.26
Urinary tract infection$814.49$12,223.63

* PetSure claims data from June 2018 – July 2019. Amounts include GST.

Frequently asked questions

  • Routine desexing is an elective procedure and is a general exclusion under most policies. Under some policies, you can opt to have routine care which provides cover for desexing up to a limit.

    Desexing procedures that are required to treat your pet’s reproductive organs due to inflammation, infection or cancer are generally covered under illness cover.

  • Spaying is not considered an essential procedure in most pet insurance policies, so it's usually not covered. You may speak with your provider to see if you can purchase an optional benefit to cover spaying expenses.

Meet Esme

“I adopted my cat ‘Esme’ in January 2012 and took RSPCA Pet Insurance not long after (even though I was told by a very-thorough Vet check that Esme was in great health). In October of the same year, we noticed that Esme wasn’t really eating and was developing a lump on her back thigh. Within 24 hours, she got worse so we started to panic and rushed her to the Vet to find out my naughty, little Esme was in a fight and ended up with a very large abscess on her back thigh.

She went in for immediate surgery and had the abscess drained. At the time, money was the last thing on my mind so paying the surgery upfront and for her post-op visits weren’t noticed until I received my credit card bill the next month. Then the weight of that debt really stressed me. In total, I had paid approximately $1500 for the surgery and post-op visits which is money I really couldn’t spare.

After filing my claim from RSPCA Pet Insurance, I must admit it was a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders as I got around 80% back. I am very thankful for the quick process of my claim and the funds were received within days of posting my claim.

Esme has since been grounded and not allowed outside after dark but she has definitely returned to her healthy, happy self.

- Tiffany Simon