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Owning a cat or dog can be full of surprises. Our annual pet insurance claims data can help you stay prepared by showing examples of what you might expect from your furry friend – from the average cost of medical treatment to the most common illnesses you need to look out for.

However, it’s important to remember that the following data is general only and can’t accurately predict your pet’s individual risk of injury, needs and lifestyle.

Pet Ownership in Australia

Australians love their pets. In fact, we love them more than any other country does – up to 61% of Australian households have an animal companion. The most common of these are dogs (40%) followed by cats (27%)1.

Unfortunately, many pet owners aren’t fully aware of the costs that can arise when caring for their pet. These may be routine care costs, costs due to injury or illness or even due to health problems that their pet may be predisposed to. These ailments can unfortunately lead to decreased quality of life for these animals if insufficient care is provided.

Although every pet’s individual needs will differ, the average cost of owning a dog can add up to $1,627 a year, while the average cost of owning a cat is around $962 a year1. These figures include things like food, grooming, accessories, and pet insurance.

In total, it’s estimated that Australia’s pet industry is now worth around $13 billion a year1. This means that on top of having the highest rate of pet ownership, we’re also among the highest spending nations when it comes to our furry friends.

Claims by pet types in 2018-19



Total Benefit paid towards

Accidental Injury




General veterinary


Routine Care


Emergency Boarding


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The following data is based on claims made by common dog types (breeds and mixed breeds) which