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Why promote RSPCA Pet Insurance at your vet clinic or shelter?

When a customer chooses to protect their cat or dog with RSPCA Pet Insurance, they also assist in protecting other Australian animals in need, with a portion of first-year premiums going directly to the RSPCA.

Help pet owners manage the cost of vet treatment

Andrew Byrne: I’ve been a practicing vet for over 28 years and there have been so many diagnostic and medical breakthroughs which have enabled us to diagnose and treat injuries and illnesses that could potentially be fatal for a cat or dog only a decade ago. These medical advancements help us save more lives but they can come at a cost, which is why having a financial plan in place, like pet insurance can be so important.

Completing claim forms

Your client will need to download a Claim Form or call RSPCA Pet Insurance on 1300 855 150 between 8:00am and 8:00pm Monday to Friday (except public holidays) or Saturday between 9:00am and 2:00pm (AEST).

They will complete "Part 1" of the form and sign.

Your client will then ask you to complete "Part 2" of the claim form. Take the form to your vet, and ask them to complete their sections, making sure they include their practice details on the attached invoice.

Your client will then send the claim with the itemised invoice and the original receipts to:
RSPCA Pet Insurance, Claims Department, Locked Bag 9021, Castle Hill NSW 1765

RSPCA Pet Insurance Contact Centre

1300 881 4921300 881 492

  1. Pre-existing conditions are excluded. Exclusions, limits and sub-limits may apply.