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Golden Retriever

Size51–61 cm
Weight27–36 kg
CoatFlat or wavy with good feathering
ColourAny shade of gold or cream
LifespanApprox. 13 years
Activity levelHigh – enjoys long walks and games

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes – relaxed, friendly and confident.

A popular family dog for good reason, Golden Retrievers are good-natured, playful, and kind. These dogs are people enthusiasts and are happy around people and other dogs. They are the sixth most popular dog breed in Australia. They live up to their ‘golden’ name and shine through with their personality as well as their looks.

Compatibility with …

Owners Affectionate, biddable 5

Children Patient 3

Other Pets Good 3

Strangers Friendly 4

Unfamiliar Dogs Friendly 4

(Scale: 1 = caution – 5 = excellent)

Owner Profile

Active, affectionate, sociable families who enjoy energetic walks and playing with their dog.

Things to watch out for

Some dogs may display problematic possession guarding as they are protective by nature.

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training, and supervised around children.