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Labrador Retriever

Size: 55-57 cm

Weight: 25-34 Kg

Life Span: Approx. 13 years

Activity Level: Active

Country of Origin: Canada

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes – friendly, receptive, playful, eager, and sociable.

The Labrador is a household favourite and well-loved all around the world due to their friendliness and good nature. The Labrador’s versatility is to be respected either playing an important loving role in the family or providing assistance to the disabled.

The happy, playful Labrador is suited towards loving, energetic families that love long walks, and can provide lots of training and activity. A loving nature makes the Labrador a perfect family pet.

Compatibility with: (Scale: 1 - caution to 5 - excellent)

  • Owners 5
  • Children 4
  • Other Pets 2
  • Strangers 4
  • Unfamiliar Dogs 4


Exercise Requirments: Very high – Long walks required and regular activities.

Coat: Short, dense without wave or feathering

Coat Color: There are three predominant varieties of coat which are yellow, black and chocolate.

Pay attention: During adolescence a Labrador may get in the habit of chewing things they are not supposed too. If they do not get enough exercise it can lead to behavioural problems and boisterousness.

Health & Wellbeing

Common health concerns: Obesity, Hip and elbow dysplasia

High Pet Claim Example: $7,229.00 Foreign Body Ingestion

Most Common Insurance Claim: Cruciate Ligament Rupture

Average Insurance Claim Amount (excl. routine): $113.54*

*PetSure Australia Claim Figures 2013, payment subject to benefit percentage

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training and supervised around children