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German Shepherd

Size: 58-63 cm

Weight: 34-43 Kg

Life Span: Approx. 13 years

Activity Level: Active

Country of Origin: Germany

Characteristics & Personality

Key attributes – versatile, alert, loyal, reactive, powerful.

It’s a common sight all around the world to see the German Shepherd chosen as the national police dog or as a high ranking guard dog. This is because of the breed’s high intelligence, attentiveness and alertness. The German Shepherd is also a very popular breed for the home – when socialised with other pets and humans early on, they will grow to be very loyal and good with children. Although it’s important that they receive plenty of exercise as they have high energy levels and love to play games.

Compatibility with: (Scale: 1 - caution to 5 - excellent)

Owners 5

Children 3

Other Pets 3

Strangers 2

Unfamiliar Dogs 3


Exercise Requirements: High - daily walks recommended, playing games and providing enrichment toys.

Coat: Medium / Long – Straight, hard coat with thick undercoat. Substantial grooming and brushing will be required. Owners, be prepared for dead/loose hair around the house.

Coat Colour: There are many varieties of coats including black with tan, gold or light grey markings.

Pay attention:May like to chase things. If not well socialised from an early age may be wary around strangers and other pets.

Health & Wellbeing

Common health concerns: Progressive retinal atrophy

High Pet Claim Example: $8687.78 GASTRIC DILATATION VOLVULUS SYNDROME – (Twisted Stomach)

Most common insurance claim: Lameness RH – (Gait disturbance)

Average insurance claim amount (exc. routine): $123.53

*PetSure Australia Claim Figures 2013, payment subject to benefit percentage

This is general information only and all dogs should be properly socialised, provided training and supervised around children.