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How does GapOnly™ work and what are its benefits?

Providing for your pet’s health needs throughout their life is a crucial part of being a responsible pet owner, but veterinary care can be expensive. Pet insurance is a huge help but paying the full amount of an eligible veterinary bill up front and then waiting for reimbursement can still put owners under financial pressure. This is where GapOnly™ comes in!

Claiming with GapOnly™ means that, for veterinary services covered by your pet insurance policy, you only need to pay the ‘gap’, which is the difference between what your vet charges and your insurance benefit amount. After your appointment, clinic staff will use the GapOnly™ system to submit your claim on the spot to your pet insurance provider, so you only pay the gap.

This process is quick and simple, involves no paperwork with the added benefit of same day processing. GapOnly™ can help you manage the up-front cost of veterinary fees which can sometimes be a barrier to seeking the required veterinary care.

In response to the needs of pet owners, the pet insurance claims process is becoming more user friendly through introducing same day processing*. This is an exciting development for pet insurance. As this is a relatively new process, let’s address some of the questions you may have about GapOnly™ claiming. Or find out more on the RSPCA Pet Insurance website.

Where can GapOnly™ claims be made?

GapOnly™ is available at participating veterinary clinics, but the number of practices signing up is increasing every day, including specialist and emergency centres. You can use the GapOnly™ website to find a participating vet near you by simply typing in your postcode. If your vet is not listed, you or your vet can get in touch with the GapOnly™ team at hello@gaponly.com.au to request the service.

Does RSPCA pet insurance participate in GapOnly™ claims?

GapOnly™ is available to all RSPCA Pet Insurance customers as well as a number of other pet insurance providers – for more information, visit the RSPCA Pet Insurance website. If your vet does not participate in GapOnly™, all eligible claims are paid through reimbursement.

How do I make an RSPCA Pet Insurance GapOnly™ claim?

It’s simple – once you know your veterinarian participates in GapOnly™, just call ahead to let them know you would like to claim using GapOnly™. Doing this at the time you book your appointment will allow them to prepare your claim ahead of time and reduce any delays. It usually takes around 10 minutes between your vet submitting your GapOnly™ claim and them receiving the gap amount you need to pay. As with all claims, the type of policy you have and the policy terms and conditions will determine whether your pet’s treatment will be covered.

When can I make a GapOnly™ claim?

GapOnly™ claims are available at participating vets from Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm and Saturdays 8am to 5pm (AEST, excluding NSW public holidays), so if your appointment falls outside these times, ask your vet about submitting an electronic claim instead.

Pet owners often wonder whether it’s worth taking out pet insurance, but those whose pets have experienced unexpected accidental injuries or health problems requiring veterinary treatment can testify to the high costs involved (see the Claims page for more detail). If you’re thinking of taking out pet insurance you may wish to consider what cover features suit you and your pet, and whether an insurance provider who participates in GapOnly™, would be a valuable feature worth having.

Focus on your pet’s needs

The best thing about GapOnly™, is that it allows you to focus on your pet’s needs, rather than the up-front cost of treatment. If you’re with RSPCA Pet Insurance, you can use GapOnly™ for eligible claims. Find out more here.

*Assessment times may vary depending on complexity of the claim and completeness of information.

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