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Family friendly dogs

There are plenty of things you need to consider when choosing a new pet. A dog is not something you can just return or exchange, so it’s essential that you are fully-informed before making any decision to buy a dog. Following are just a few aspects that families should be mindful of when choosing a pet.

Dog temperament

Dogs have different temperaments just like humans. Different types of dogs may suit different owners and households, for example some dogs may be better suited to households with children while other dogs may be better suited to households with no children.

Some dogs are very active while others are relatively quiet. Then there are some dogs that may be very playful while others more quiet and relaxed. You should consider what sort of dog you are looking for and what sort of lifestyle and household you have.

There are several pet selector tools online, which may be useful, and you might also like to visit sites such as the RSPCA adopt a pet site, for advice and information on pet ownership.

Caring for your pet

Every dog requires food, exercise, veterinary care, grooming and loving attention. While you may not have even thought about the cost of owning a dog, it’s a good idea to prepare a budget so you aren’t caught out. Quality care, vaccinations and vet bills can add up.

Even more costly can be treatment if your dog becomes ill or gets injured so make sure you’re prepared for any eventuality (dog insurance may provide assistance with eligible vet bills).

Consider also the time and effort involved in grooming and exercise. The most important thing is to be prepared. Do your research and make sure you are happy to make the commitment in terms of hours, finance and care.

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