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Cats: an ideal companion for seniors

Cats are so adaptable and versatile they can accompany us at any stage of our lives. Even people who have preferred dogs may find a cat to be an ideal companion in their later years, when they may no longer be able to walk a dog but would still welcome the presence of a loving furry companion.

Supportive Companionship

When there is a cat in the home, there is always someone else to talk to and to look after, and this can help older people stay active and engaged. Some studies indicate that pet ownership can support continued good health and longevity. Whether the best choice is a quiet cat, or a more energetic one, depends entirely on the individual circumstances.

A Tranquil Friend

An adult cat can be a great choice for the elderly as they make good companions and are generally less excitable compared to a young kitten.

A More Outgoing Personality

On the other hand, a more outgoing cat may be just the thing to liven up the household (such as a self confident kitten or an active playful cat). Adventurous, confident and playful cats that are good with kids make perfect family pets.

Although cats are generally healthy creatures it is well worth considering pet insurance for your cat, particularly if he or she goes outside regularly, as there is always the chance of an accident or injury, followed by the need for a trip to the vet