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Quiz: Do you need pet insurance?

It’s a question more and more Australian pet owners are asking themselves: do I need pet insurance? You can take our pet insurance quiz to help you find out if it’s right for you.


The following questions may help you determine the likelihood that you’ll need pet insurance for your cat or dog. Don’t forget to keep track of your responses so you can refer to the results below.

1. Do you find vet bills are often higher than you expect?

YES – I am often surprised by the cost of vet treatments, even standard check-ups.

NO – I have no problem paying whatever amount the vet requires.

2. Has your pet ever had an allergic reaction to an insect bite?

YES – The reaction was severe enough that I needed to take my pet to the vet clinic.

NO – My pet hasn’t had an allergic reaction at this point.

3. Is your pet often left alone in the house or yard?

YES – I work part-time or full-time and am often away from home for several hours a day.

NO – At least one person is always home so they can monitor my pet.

4. Do you live in an area where ticks are common, such as near bushland or a rainforest?

YES – I do and I’ve actually found a few ticks on my pet before.

NO – There may be some ticks around my area but my pet hasn’t had any issues.

5. Do you take your pet to off-leash areas?

YES – My pet gets regular exercise and socialisation at off-leash parks.

NO – I only exercise my pet either at home or while on a leash

6. Can your pet access a garden area or go under the house?

YES – They are often free to roam in the backyard and garden, or crawl under the house.

NO – My pet is strictly an inside animal.

7. Do you ever take your pet to a kennel or pet hotel?

YES – I’ve used a kennel or pet hotel when going on holidays or leaving home for several days.

NO – I either have someone pet-sit my animal, or send them to a friend’s house.

8. Would you struggle financially if your dog was hit by a car and the vet bill reached tens of thousands of dollars, or more?

YES – I wouldn’t be able to afford that amount.

NO – It’s a lot of money but I wouldn’t think twice about paying it.

9. Would pet insurance give you peace of mind financially?

YES – I would feel more confident in my pet’s wellbeing if pet insurance could help me recoup a portion of any vet expenses.

NO – I’m not sure pet insurance would be worth it over the long term.


Tally up your responses and refer to the categories below to find out whether you need pet insurance.

Mostly ‘Yes’

You could potentially save thousands on vet bills: According to your answers, pet insurance could be just what you and your pet need. There are a range of policies to suit every pet owner, so why not look into your options today?

Mostly ‘No’

It’s worth looking into pet insurance: According to your answers, you’re unsure whether pet insurance would be worth it for your circumstances. However, our pets’ lives can be unpredictable, which often means vet visits are unexpected – and expensive. Pet insurance could help you out during those unforeseen events.

RSPCA Pet Insurance provides high-quality coverage that aligns with your lifestyle and your pet’s needs. Call us on 1300 881 492 or get a quote online today.