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An introduction to professional grooming

A pet owner is responsible for the care of their beloved animal. This means providing them with a nutritional diet, plenty of exercise and trips to the vet as required. Equally important is grooming, because in addition to keeping your animal looking good, grooming helps ensure your dog stays clean, comfortable and healthy.

What do groomers do?

There are several aspects to grooming. Professional groomers may do all of the following:

  • Shampooing, conditioning and bathing your dog
  • Combing and brushing the hair
  • Hair and nail clipping

If there are any skin problems, make sure you talk to your vet.

Why choose a groomer?

Dogs with short-coats can often be groomed by their owner. People choose to use a groomer for a variety of reasons. It might be for lack of time, or more commonly, because their type of dog requires a lot of attention. Long-haired dogs for instance require extra attention when it comes to washing and combing, and clipping is common for certain type of dogs such as poodles, terriers, spaniels and several other cross/mixed breed dogs.

Where can I find a groomer?

The Association of Pet Boarding and Grooming can provide information on grooming and details of professional groomers in your local area. Vet clinics often provide grooming services. For referral to local veterinarians, contact the Australian Veterinary Association. Grooming is essential for every dog, and it’s worth remembering in addition to the health and cleanliness benefits, it can help make your dog feel great.