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A free guide to seasonal pet safety [eBook]

Our pets are as close as family and friends – sometimes closer – and while we depend on them for comfort and companionship, they depend on us for almost everything. Food, water and shelter are constant needs all year round, but each season brings its own particular dangers. This free eGuide highlights some of the common risks, helps you recognise their signs, and offers a general guide to treatments. Download the Pet Safety Guide today.

Here is a summary of what you’ll find in the eGuide.

Pet safety tips for winter

Winter is mild in most parts of Australia, but even the warmer latitudes have their unexpectedly cold periods. Run a check on your home and your habits to ensure you’re creating the right environment for a happy, healthy pet.

Pet safety tips for spring

After the winter ills and chills, it’s tempting to rush headlong into the soft days of spring. But discomfort and even real danger lurk in some places you might not expect.

  • Allergies
  • Snakes

Pet safety for summer

Those summer days, long evenings and time away from work make summer a great time to relax and enjoy life with your pet. But all that heat has its downside. As well as direct sun exposure, the hot weather means insect pests are breeding faster than ever. Heat stroke, sunburn, ticks and heartworm are not to be taken lightly, so download the eGuide for vital tips on how to enjoy the summer with your pets while avoiding the risks it brings.

  • Heat stress
  • Yeast infections
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitoes

Pet safety tips for autumn

The searing heat of summer has passed, so it can be tempting to relax your guard. But even this mellow season has a few risks to consider.

  • Exercise
  • Mould allergies

The above is a summary of what you’ll find in the eGuide. Download the guide for more information on how to keep your pets safe – in every season.

Our pets are dependent on us in almost every way, and loving pet owners take great care to keep them safe and happy. But no matter how vigilant you are, things can go wrong, and that’s when you need the expert assistance of a veterinarian.

Unfortunately, there’s never a good time for expensive surprises, and RSPCA Pet Insurance is designed to protect you in the bad times.

Pet safety is important in every season!

Covering a wide range of events, RSPCA Pet Insurance gives you peace of mind. When your pet looks to you for help, you’ll know you can give them the long and comfortable life they deserve. Get a free quote now.

Download the Seasonal pet safety [eBook]

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Dr Rosemary Elliot 

Dr Rosemary studied veterinary science at the University of Sydney after having established her career as a clinical psychologist, and has qualifications of BVSc (Hons), MANZCVS (Animal Welfare), MPsych (Clin), BA (Hons) as well as previously establishing her career as a clinical psychologist. Her experiences during veterinary training fostered an ambition to focus directly on animal welfare and ethics, with a particular interest in animal sentience and the human-animal bond. Currently working in small animal practice, Dr Rosemary combines her psychology background and veterinary skills to contribute to and promote animal welfare, and regularly contributes quality content to RSPCA Pet Insurance's Pet Care blog.