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How often does my dog need to visit the vet?

Take your dog to the vet as required or if any issues arise, such as if the dog seems unwell or is in an accident. Every dog requires love and attention, proper nutrition and exercise, and certainly a trip to the vet whenever this is needed.


Talk to your vet about vaccinations. The vet will be able to give puppies their first set of vaccinations, and provide you with a timeline for subsequent visits as adults.

Dental and health check-ups

Dental and health check-ups are essential for every animal. The vet will general check the dog’s physical health, for example eyes, ears, teeth, limbs and other areas, to ensure your dog is happy and healthy. Some dogs may require a dental procedure – your vet can advise. Your dog will likely need extra check-ups as they age, and the vet will be able to provide you with a guideline for visits.


Dogs may require regular brushing, bathing and nail clipping. Some dogs may also require hair clipping. You may do this, or opt to take your dog to a specialist groomer (vet clinics often provide grooming services).

Injuries and ailments

Should your dog suffer an injury, it’s of course vital that you get them to the vet immediately (keep the vet’s general and after hours emergency numbers in your phone). It is also essential to make an appointment if your dog seems out of sorts or is acting out of character. Animals are not always able to communicate when they are in pain or suffering, so it’s best to err on the side of caution and get them checked by a vet ASAP.

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This is general information and does not take into account your financial needs or situation.